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afro-lion said:
its me rachel i made a new blog follow back cause im gonna deactivate the other one.



Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

sup yo

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Deleting Tomorrow

this blog will be GONE tomorrow so follow this one if you like:

I would love it if you follow me :)

or my 1D blog the link for it is on the blog above under other tumblr.

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Okay so here is the link to my 1D (One Direction) blog:

This is the link to my other regular blog:

This blog will be deleted by Thursday :)

Deleting tumblr :(

So  Next week I am gonna delete this tumblr. Sorry maybe around next week Thursday? Maybe. So if you follow this blog you can follow my One Direction blog if you are a fan of course. The link is at the top next to My Twitter :) Check it out.

Also I will be starting another blog in a week or so till I get everything together and what not. It will be mostly black and white, and more meaningful. So in a week click my link for my 1D blog the link for the black and white one will be there.

I will not delete this blog before I get my other one in order. Thanks!

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